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The corner store market is an incredible opportunity

It's the fastest-growing market segment today – and it offers CPG brands an unparalleled opportunity for growth.

And this is exactly what SRP lets CPG brands do: tap into the corner store market to increase their sales and revenue along with independent corner store owners, in a mutually-beneficial relationship.

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CPG brands are struggling to drive profits through large retail chains

Yes, retail chains place large orders from CPG brands. And yes, retail chains can get a CPG's products in front of a wide customer base.

But retail chains also:

  • Control CPG brands' shelf space and positioning, for a premium price
  • Force CPG brands to compete with their private labels
  • Can only offer CPG brands' tiny margins because the competition is so high

A lucrative opportunity for CPG brands

Market share




Private stores


Profit margins


Consumer Preference

Basket size

And local consumers prefer to buy more from corner stores

Corner stores would love to order more and place more regular orders from CPG brands. But they struggle with:

  • A lack of modern tools to manage their day-to-day business
  • Poor communication with brands about order cut off times and delivery dates
  • Zero insights into what products they should order and how often they should order, to be more profitable
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SRP enables CPG brands and corner stores to drive greater sales and revenue – together

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SRP is an intelligent software platform that simplifies and streamlines the complex communications and logistics systems between CPG brands and corner stores.

Enabling them both to increase their sales and revenue, while strengthening their relationships with end consumers.

For CPG brands, this means:

  • Higher frequency of orders from corner stores, and more sales with higher profit margins
  • Building mutually beneficial relationships with corner store owners
  • Driving greater brand loyalty and recognition with end consumers

For corner stores, this means:

  • Greater sales and more transparency of order
  • Knowing exactly what they need to order, how much of each item, and when to meet their customers' demands
  • Easily encourage larger basket sizes with wider product selections

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What CPG brands and corner stores do with SRP


Real-time data 24/7

CPG brands use SRP's dashboards to track their sales and revenue through corner stores.

Corner stores use the mobile app to track orders, sales, and optimize inventory.


Higher revenues and margins

CPG brands enjoy greater revenue by selling more products with higher margins.

Corner stores sell more with better product availability and increased basket sizes.


Greater supply chain efficiency

CPG brands are able to better meet the order schedules and needs of corner stores.

Corner stores now have a clearer, deeper understanding of order and delivery times.


Greater transparency

CPG brands can see with total clarity which stores order how much and when.

Corner stores can see how much their orders cost them, and how much profit they make.


Greater shelf and product visibility

CPG brands can see how their products are positioned and which products sell more.

Corner stores can arrange their shelves better to sell more products to every customer.


Enables data-driven decision-making

CPG brands can make better product recommendations based on purchases.

Corner stores can use SRP's smart predictions to make sure they never run short of stock.

How SRP works

And the results speak for themselves

With SRP, CPG brands see impressive results, including –


Retention rate for corner stores

The corner stores that adopted SRP to streamline communications and logistics saw immediate results and improvement in their business. Which has translated into jaw-dropping retention rates for CPG brands.


Increase in orders for CPG brands

As corner store owners see increased sales due to better communication, shelf visibility, and data-driven decision-making they place more orders, and more frequent orders from CPG brands.


Less time spent on visits & calls

With more transparency in their orders, CPG brands spent less time discussing their orders with store owners, and spent more time talking about upsells. Reducing average call times and visit times across the board.

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